Our Services

Construction Management

Quest Builders Group Inc. provides its clients complete construction management services including site evaluation, pre-construction services, construction services, vendor management, commissioning, close-out, and sign-off management. With millions of square feet of collective experience we are uniquely poised to navigate through today’s construction challenges and make each project a successful one. We take a team approach to every project; making collaborative decisions throughout. This method of delivery is best when the design is ongoing and changes are still being made.

General Contracting

Quest Builders Group Inc. provides competitive lump sum bidding. Pulling from our extensive pool of subcontractors, we possess the ability to get extremely competitive numbers for our clients. These numbers are still vetted by our seasoned estimators. When numbers are presented we are sure to qualify what items are included. We frequently provide add alternates to show other items that may not have been on the drawings but will likely be needed based on our experience . This allows our clients to make informed decisions prior to engagement.

Pre-Construction Services

Quest Builders Group, Inc. can provide an extensive array of pre-construction services ranging from site selection and feasibility analysis through pre-purchasing, logistics evaluation estimating and scheduling.

Site Safety Management

No matter what role we play in the process, site safety is a core focus. We want everyone to safely return home at the end of the day. We enforce not only OSHA rules and standard building rules and regulations, but maintain our own rigorous requirements that must be adhered to by anyone on one of our sites. Job cleanliness helps promote this concept and it is strictly enforced. We recognize that we are just a “guest in your home.”

Building Evaluation & Advisory

Quest Builders Group Inc. will work with your facilities staff and team to conduct a thorough building evaluation, program and impact study. Our service include site evaluation and due diligence, program evaluation, MEPS Review, feasibility analysis, estimating, value engineering and life cycle analysis.


Quest Builders Group Inc. prides itself on adhering to sustainability best practices. As interest in more environmentally conscious projects continues to grow, QBG meets this demand by utilizing technological advancements in construction to employ “green” and economically viable solutions. The process begins in preconstruction, including Construction Waste Management and Indoor Quality Plan creation, and continues until final documentation is compiled and submitted to the USGBC. Project teams also consult experts in LEED, BREEM, and SKA environmental assessment methods to achieve sustainability initiatives. QBG has also embraced other rating systems such as Passive House and the WELL Building Standard.


Quest Builders Group places safety as the utmost importance on all projects. We strive diligently to provide a neat, clean and safe environment for all of our client, consultants, employees and subcontractors.

We have a written site safety program that is rigorously enforced. This includes but is not limited visual inspections, tool box talks and enforcement of all code and licensing requirements. Product MSDS sheets will be posted and available accordingly. Our site superintendents are OSHA certified. In addition to internal monitoring, Quest Builders Group will request periodic visits from our insurance providers and risk management personnel. All issues are dealt with proactively.

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